Malacca City: My Friend’s Home City

Back in February I had a chance to visit a few places on a quick escape from Korea. One of those destinations was Malaysia, which I went to after my week in Hong Kong. It was my first time in Southeast Asia and I wasn’t really sure what to expect.

I didn’t really plan too much for the Malaysian part of my trip actually. I normally like planning things in advance when I go on vacation, but this one was a bit special because I was going with friends, one of which actually lives there. We all met in Korea, and so we’re from different countries and it just so happened that our Malaysian friend decided to go home for Chinese New Year and invited a bunch of us to go visit him while he was there.

It seemed like a good opportunity because not only was a lot of people interested in going on this trip, he could also show us around too. So we had like, what, 10 people? Or so, and we all met up in Malaysia. Our first stop, was Malacca City, where my friend actually lives in.

The street market in Jonker Walk.
The street market in Jonker Walk.

Since there were so many of us, I didn’t stay at his house, but I did go there to check it out. It was kinda cool because there’s a show in Korea called “내 친구의 집은 어디인가” which translates into “Where is My Friend’s Home”. It’s a spin-off of another show, “비정상회담”, where a bunch of non-Koreans living in Korea discuss things and share their perspectives and experiences.

Since that original show was so successful, they decided to create a travel show where a bunch of the members would go and visit another member’s home country. I used to watch it a lot but then I started getting pretty busy and stopped watching. But regardless, this entire trip had that feel.

It was kind of the same deal too because all of my friends that were on that trip were from different countries too. It just so happened that we met up in Korea and ended up going to Malaysia because this random dude invited us. So it had a cool dynamic to the trip.

See, the church says Melaka but Wikipedia says Malacca so I don't even know anymore.
See, the church says Melaka but Wikipedia says Malacca so I don’t even know anymore.

Malacca is alright. It’s kinda like the cultural and historical city of Malaysia and they have a lot of historical buildings and remnants of a different time. It’s kinda neat to look at, but the city itself is quite small. After about a day and a half we ran out of stuff to look at.

Which is kind of a shame because I thought there would be more to do so I ended up staying an extra day which ended up being kind of a waste of time. I should’ve just went to Singapore one day earlier, but whatever, live and learn I guess.

Not many tall buildings.
Not many tall buildings.

It was kinda a neat intro to the country though. It was definately very different from any other place that I’ve been to so far. It was February but it was still 30 something degrees, which is straight up ridiculous to me. But, since it’s always summer that also means there’s an abundance of lizards.

Now, those who know me know that I had lizards. I have like, a distinct phobia when it comes to these disgusting animals. It was pretty bad when I was in Malacca because since it wasn’t like, a big city, there were lizards everywhere. It made life quite difficult for me since I’m honestly incapable of doing anything if I know a lizard is nearby.

During the day it was a bit better, but once the sun went down the lizards start coming out in full force and I couldn’t bring myself to be near any walls while outside since they’re literally everywhere. Even the thought makes my skin tingle.

Malacca has an interesting mix of cultural and historical sights.
Malacca has an interesting mix of cultural and historical sights.

Overall Malacca was ok. I don’t think I’d ever go back though. Doesn’t really seem like the place that you would go back to if you were just going to sightsee. And if you were going to go sightsee, just a day or two would be enough. Think of it like a brief stop on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. If you think of it like that it’s totally worth it.

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