Taipei: The Food City

About a month ago I took a few days off from the lab and went to Taiwan. I figured since I was in Korea, I should make the most of it and visit as many Asian countries as I can. Since Taiwan is relatively close (and small), it seemed like a good place to go to for a short break. I also wanted to go because I’ve heard good things about Taiwan, and after living in Korea for so long I needed a break and just get some Chinese food too.

I wanted to write a post about it soon after I got back but I had a lot of work to do for my lab so I never had the time or energy for it.

But, I’m writing one now so it’s ok. My trip was mostly centered around Taipei, but we took a short day trip out to Jiufen and Shifen as well. Despite the title of this post centered around Taipei, I’ll talk about those two places as well because they’re close enough and don’t really deserve a separate blog post (despite being amazing).

Taipei skyline taken from Elephant Mountain.
Taipei skyline taken from Elephant Mountain.

So despite only being in Taiwan for a few days, I had a pretty good time. Taipei was a nice city and honestly seems like a great place to live. It has all the things you’d think of when you think of a big Asian city, but it feels more.. free? than other cities. Aside from the fact that it seems incredibly liberal, like I don’t think I have seen so many openly gay people ever, the population of Taipei is lower than a lot of other cities like Tokyo and Seoul, so it doesn’t feel as crowded and there’s more open space.

I like open space, open space is nice.

The actual city was pretty interesting too. Some parts of it look like they’re straight out of Japan, which I guess makes sense if you consider historical elements, and others look very Chinese, which again, makes sense. There’s a pretty interesting blend of cultures in Taiwan and as a dude that loves Chinese and Japanese food, I honestly felt very at home in Taiwan.

Ximending looks like it could've just been some part of Tokyo.
Ximending looks like it could’ve just been some part of Tokyo.

The food selection in Taipei is fantastic. Taiwan has like, everything. They have a ton of restaurants catering to different types of food, and to me it was especially important that they had so many different types of Chinese food. They even have a lot of street markets with a lot of random street food that is both cheap and delicious. Just walking down the many street markets they have, sampling just some of everything, is an adventure in itself.

Everywhere, from the restaurants to marts, had good food. And I love me some cheap and delicious food. You could eat different food for days, even weeks on end probably, and still have a ton to eat. I wish I had more time just to eat more food really.

But I guess if you weren’t interested in food, then you’d probably go sightsee right? Well, to me, Taipei wasn’t that exciting for sightseeing.

Seeing snakes outside of snake restaurants is pretty cool.
Seeing snakes outside of snake restaurants is pretty cool.

Normally when I travel I like to see and experience things that I can’t find anywhere else. But when I went to Taipei I didn’t really have that feeling. A lot of times when I was walking around and looking at stuff, I kept having feelings of Hong Kong or Japan, and nothing really struck me as “super Taiwanese”, if you know what I mean. The Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall was probably the most unique thing I saw in Taipei, and despite that being really cool by itself, it didn’t really blow me away like the Burj Khalifa in Dubai or the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Taipei 101 is also heralded as one of the big landmarks in Taipei, and I do admit it kinda looks cool, but it’s not that special. I was only in Taipei for a few days so I probably did miss some stuff, but I think I covered the major things when I was there. So in that way, the trip was a bit disappointing. That said, we did a one day trip out of Taipei and that was really awesome and definitely the highlight of my trip.

The atmosphere in Shifen is amazing.
The atmosphere in Shifen is amazing.

The first part of that excursion was to Shifen, a small town that is known for their sky lanterns. A lot of tourists go out to this small place in the middle of essentially nowhere to write their dreams and wishes on lanterns, and then light a fire and see it rise up into the sky. It does sound super touristy, but man, that was a cool place. The whole mix of the sky lanterns being constantly launched into the sky and the people hopping around on a train track was really unreal. It was even cooler when a train did come because people had to like, evacuate the track, which sounds kinda dumb but just adds to the experience.

I really enjoyed that. It was fun to write stuff with my friends, and even more fun to see our lantern fly into the sky. That was cool and I highly recommend it.

Afterwards we went to Jiufen, which is a nearby town that many people say was the inspiration for the town in Spirited Away. Going at night definitely makes the experience a lot nicer, but I think that it wasn’t really that special. Taipei has a lot of night markets already, and the old town in Jiufen just kinda felt like a more traditional looking night market. The “landmark” there, the tea shop, was kinda cool I guess, but I’m not sure if it’s really worth the trip out there.

The Ah Mei Tea House, a very cozy looking building swarmed with tons of tourists.
The Ah Mei Tea House, a very cozy looking building swarmed with tons of tourists.

So overall Taipei was nice, but I think that if you were to visit Taiwan, it might be a better trip if you took some time out of the cities and went to the countryside. That’s what I’ll be doing the next time that’s for sure. I liked Taipei, and I probably wouldn’t mind living there, but aside from a brief respite for food and stuff, it doesn’t seem too exciting from a tourist perspective. Granted maybe I just didn’t appreciate it as much as I could have. Like we went to the National Palace Museum too and I just didn’t get it.

Regardless, would go again, but definitely want to check out some more naturey and traditional spots the next time I go.

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