Hello World!

Hey! My name is Gary and welcome to my blog. I’m a Canadian guy that’s currently studying Industrial Design in South Korea. Prior to that I studied and worked as a game developer back in Canada.

I made this blog because I like talking about things. I’ve been writing regular blogs for myself to kinda keep track of the things I do when I’m away from home because I find that it’s a nice way to organize my thoughts and just reflect on my life. But lately I’ve realized that I wanna just write in more detail about some aspects of my life that I think are kinda interesting. Some people might think they’re interesting too so it might be nice to share. Regardless, I find that it’s nice to just read old blog posts sometimes because it’s like opening an old photo book or something and just reminisce about the past.

But mostly just to cringe about how bad my writing used to be. I tend to ramble on about random topics and so we’ll see how that goes.

The goal of this blog is quite simple. I enjoy playing video games (although I don’t have much time now), I enjoy travelling (I need to do more of that), and I enjoy seeing/doing/makingĀ cool things. This will essentially be a platform for where I talk about these three things. And since I’m still a student, I might mention some stuff about that too. So if you’ve ever been interested in what a random dude thinks about studying abroad, or what I think about the random places I’ve been to, this is the right blog for you.

For example, last week I went to Dubai for a design show, so that’s likely what I’ll be writing aboutĀ first!

I don’t know how often I’ll be making posts though. It really depends on how exciting my life gets. So if I don’t make any posts for a while it might just mean all I’m doing is slaving away in the lab. Anyways, thanks for reading and check back soon!