Atlanta: The City with the Aquarium

Last year I had the opportunity to go on five work trips. They were pretty fun and they give me a chance to visit random places in North America. I had a bunch of trips lined up in the last few months of 2018 so I had a bit of a break in 2019 since I just got back from my first work trip of the year, a visit to Atlanta.

When I was in high school I went to Atlanta with my family so I’ve been there before. I honestly don’t remember too much from that trip but one thing really stuck with me and made me incredibly hyped to revisit the city: the aquarium.

I’m pretty excited that they’re expanding the aquarium actually.

Now, I love fish and the ocean, so I enjoy going to aquariums when I visit new places. I’ve been to a bunch so far but the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta was the one that always impressed me the most. So this time, I wanted to make sure I revisited it.

So, after work was done on my first day, I went back to the aquarium to check it out.

There was a ton of people there. I didn’t remember there being so many people went I went and visited.. a decade ago. But regardless, the aquarium itself didn’t really change that much. The main exhibits were still there and the only real change I saw was that they added a VR station.

A bunch of people and a new VR station.

But, that was fine with me because the main reason why I love the Georgia Aquarium is due to their shark tank. Most aquariums in the world have the same style of tank where they have some sharks and other fish in there. The Georgia Aquarium is the same but with one big difference.

Whale sharks!

People watching a whale shark.

It’s one of the few tanks in the world that are large enough to hold whale sharks, and man, they are so cool. To be able to see the biggest fish in the world just chilling in the tank in front of you is absolutely wonderful.

I remember just watching the tank for such a long time when I went in high school and this time around it was no less majestic. Such a cool aquarium. Highly recommend everyone to go. The sheer size of the tank and the fish in there is absolutely amazing and I can honestly watch them for hours at a time.

The shark tunnel, featuring manta rays.

One day, I will swim in that tank.

Anyways, aside from the aquarium, I thought Atlanta wasn’t that exciting. They have a bunch of random things like the Coke Museum and CNN, but those are all paid entry stuff and so there’s not a lot of pure sights to check out, if that makes sense.

Considering how I was in Atlanta for work, times didn’t really work out for me to visit the museums or whatever, so unfortunately I didn’t really do too much. Pretty much every day was just wake up, walk through the Centennial Olympic Park to the convention center, eat, then do something random before sleep.

The (fenced) Olympic Rings at the Centennial Olympic Park.

One of those random nights was when I was walking around and randomly bumped into this guy I’ve met before at a couple of conferences. It was pure coincidence but it worked out since we grabbed some food and drinks at the Krog Street Market and then walked around the city a bit on the way back to the hotels.

We stopped by this one bridge that had a pretty good view of the city. Atlanta’s skyline isn’t the most fantastic but the view from the bridge was pretty nice. Plus, apparently the Walking Dead was filmed there, which is kinda neat.

The view from Jackson Street Bridge.

Other than that I didn’t really do too much. I did go out of the downtown core one time to buy some stuff at a Target though, but man, once you leave the core the city gets kinda dark and sketchy.

So a bit of a shorter entry this time, but I really don’t have too much to write about. Honestly I think Atlanta is worth visiting just for the aquarium alone, but I know that not everyone finds them interesting.

I have a bunch of work trips scheduled over the next few months so stay tuned for more posts about American cities!